The different Legend perfumes from Montblanc

The Montblanc house is characterized by its unparalleled sense of refinement. Initially, it became widely known thanks to its high-end pens. Designed with extreme attention to detail, these writing tools are intended for refined men. However, it is precisely to perfect their outfit and their natural charisma that the house of Montblanc has created the Legend perfume. Created in 2011, this juice is now available in many aspects, thus supporting classics in their everyday life.

The Montblanc Legend perfume from 2011

Legend Montblanc perfume
Legend Montblanc perfume

Legend, a juice synonymous with elegance

Legend is a fragrance that tells us the story of an elegant man and takes us back to his memories. It is inscribed on the skin with the same refinement as the ink that flows from Montblanc pens on a white sheet. Legend is a timeless fragrance that has an almost inexplicable class. While restrained, he gives off the image of a serene man, determined but always refined.

Legend Montblanc, a fresh and fiery fern

Legend is a very aromatic fragrance that begins immediately with the lightness of lavender in contact with bergamot. Likewise, this effect is further accentuated by the presence of Litsea cubeba, an exotic variety of verbena. Very lively, it gradually deploys its sensuality and depth in a contribution of oak moss. Legend is further enhanced with geranium, apple and rose. Finally, it ends with a smoother base of tonka bean and sandalwood.

Legend Intense the 2013 fragrance

Legend Intense perfume Montblanc
Legend Intense perfume Montblanc

Legend Intense, the face of a more charismatic man

Then, in 2013, the Montblanc house decided to give us the new face of a man, this time more fiery and charismatic than before. As the name of this fragrance suggests, Legend Intense vibrates with intensity. Just as refined and refined as its predecessor, it displays more strength and contrasts. It is presented, for the occasion, in an entirely metallic gray bottle, more modern than ever.

Legend Intense de Montblanc, a woody fern

If the emblematic fern scent of the Legend collection by Montblanc is still present, it now becomes more woody. Legend Intense sets off on an alliance of bergamot, pineapple, cardamom and spices. Its heart, meanwhile, assembles jasmine, apple, rose and white cedar. Finally, its more masculine charisma is accentuated in its wake by the presence of amber woods such as karanal and okoumal.

Legend Spirit, the fragrance of 2016

Legend Spirit perfume Montblanc
Legend Spirit perfume Montblanc

Legend Spirit, a Montblanc juice synonymous with freedom

Legend Spirit gives us yet another facet of the male personality. This time, the emphasis is on his spirit of independence. Legend Spirit is the scent of a perfectly free and accomplished person. Just as manly and refined as its predecessors, Legend Spirit nevertheless displays more relaxation and spontaneity. Thus, he is like a somewhat nonchalant but no less seductive man.

Legend Spirit, a fresher and more aromatic variation

Legend Spirit is delivered in an elegant white bottle and reveals a scent more aromatic and airy than ever. Its invigorating start brings together grapefruit, bergamot and pink berries. Its heart, meanwhile, is more aromatic. Lavender is refreshed with cardamom and a marine note. Finally, its more woody and musky base affirms its masculinity.

Montblanc Legend Night from 2017

Legend Night perfume Montblanc
Legend Night perfume Montblanc

Legend Night, the darkest face of the Montblanc man

Avec le dernier Legend Night, l’accent est mis sur la part la plus sombre et sensuelle de l’homme. Désormais, comme le suggère le nom de ce Perfume, Legend Night nous entraîne au cœur de la nuit, et nous plonge dans l’intimité d’un gentleman contemporain et urbain. Legend Night est le parfum d’une séduction débridée mais toujours raffinée. Dès lors, il semble totalement impossible de résister à son charme incandescent.

Legend Night, une composition parfumée magnétique

Legend Night révèle tout le charisme naturel de l’homme qui le porte. Sa personnalité aromatique, caractéristique de toute la collection, transparaît dès son démarrage. En effet, Legend Night s’envole sur une senteur de bergamote et de sauge. Ce côté méditerranéen se poursuit par un souffle de lavande. Néanmoins, la masculinité de Legend Night s’affirme par l’ajout du vétiver. Le bois de patchouli vient encore charpenter l’ensemble. Enfin, une vanille plus liquoreuse sublime encore cette composition.

Au fil du temps, la maison Montblanc a su magnifier toutes les facettes différentes de la personnalité masculine. Que vous soyez plutôt décontracté, séducteur ou épris de liberté, vous trouverez forcément un écho à votre tempérament au sein de cet assortiment de fragrances. En revanche, l’élégance est toujours restée au centre des préoccupations de Montblanc. Le raffinement apparaît comme le fils conducteur de toute cette collection.